About Us

Ulbrex was formed in 2016 as an investment platform dedicated to the Real Estate industry, acting on identifying, structuring and investing own and third party funds in the segment.

Our main asset is the deep knowledge of the real estate market, allied to a solid financial background. Ulbrex partners have more than 40 years of experience in the real estate and financial markets, with a successful track-record in fund raising, structuring and origination of investment opportunities, and, most important, managing complex and sizeable portfolios in both the real estate and financial markets.

The main competitive advantage of Ulbrex is exactly such combination of technical and operating real estate capabilities with a solid financial background in asset origination, structuring and portfolio management.

Business Lines

Asset Management

  • Management of Real Estate Investment Funds, as well as direct real estate portfolio management (industrial assets, commercial buildings, shopping malls)
  • Management of structured Credit Funds and products backed by Real Estate assets

Private Equity

  • Assessment of investment opportunities in the Real Estate industry in companies acting as service providers for the industry or as developers/ investment companies
  • Active investment and operational management in invested companies

Consulting and Advisory

  • Assessment and structuring of fund raising alternatives in the Real Estate industry
  • Advisory services in optimization of office spaces, rental agreements, retrofits and divestment opportunities
  • Structuring of sale and lease-back and built-to-suit transactions
  • Structuring of securitized products
  • Turnaround and debt and operational restructuring of Real Estate companies
  • Consulting and advisory services to projects developers, both commercial and industrial


Recognized technical and operational knowledge in real estate investment and management combined with a solid financial background in asset origination, structuring and portfolio management. With our combined experiences, we believe we can offer a differentiated investment platform for real estate investors.

Alignment of interests and investment return

We believe one of the most adequate ways to align investors and asset managers interest is investing alongside our clients. As such, in investment opportunities identified and structured by Ulbrex, our partners’ capital will also be invested and managed by Ulbrex.

Operational capabilities

Our technical capabilities and successful background in the real estate industry provide us with unique capacity to assess investment opportunities and price the associated risks and upsides in managing real estate properties, debt instruments or private equity deals.

Judicious Management

Analysis of market dynamics, execution capabilities and ability to foresee new trends are some of our team’s competitive advantages. We believe most part of our returns derives from our capacity to identify and structure investment opportunities not yet priced/ envisioned by our competition.

Valuable Network

Access to off-market and differentiated deals, due to the extensive network of our partners in both financial and real estate markets.

Ulbrex Asset Management Ltda.
Ulbrex Assessoria, Consultoria e Participações Ltda.

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